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Jenny tells me I need to post more to be cool enough for her friends list. Look at me, I'm posting! Look, yeah!

What I'm drinking now is a mix of vodka, Sprite, orange juice, and Diet Rite cola. This is what happens when you don't notice you're almost out of mixers before you start pouring. To think...a mere two days ago, I was imbibing the succulent fruit borne of the unstoppable drink-mixing tag-team that is Seamus and Matthew. They actually convinced me that I like gin! I hold my nose as I finish my drink, and shed a single manly tear.

I was gonna go to class today, but I slept through it instead, and then I was gonna do homework, but I was tired instead, and so I got depressed about those things and decided to get drunk instead. Really, that bottle is pretty counterproductive w/r/t my education and my state of mind, but it does keep me from focussing on them too hard, and also encourages me to practice guitar more, so I guess it ends up a wash.

I was gonna write a bunch more, about fascinating topics like sex, self-perception, and sex, but then that drink I finished two paragraphs ago hit me, and now I need to watch cartoons.
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