unless (unless_you) wrote,

Leaving on a something something.

This term has been from Hell academically. The last week has been a wholly appropriate finale. Apparently I was one of the bad guys from the Bible in a past life. It is very, very relieving to be basically done, and I think I'm pulling some pretty good grades out of it too. Really, though, what I learned from these classes was coping skills.

Apologies to all whom I've neglected this term. I'll try to make up for it soon.

In a couple hours I'm boarding a plane from PDX to Oakland, then taking the BART from Oakland to SFO, then another plane from there to Atlanta, and finally from Atlanta on to sunny and beautiful Santiago, Chile for a week's vacation. The next day and a half are going to be a nightmare, but it's really nice to have something to look forward to.

Let me know what you want me to bring back for you.

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